A Library management system is a software that uses to maintain the record of the library. It contains work like the number of available books in the library, the number of books are issued or returning or renewing a book or late fine charge record, etc. Library Management Systems is software that helps to maintain a database that is useful to enter new books & record books borrowed by the members, with the respective submission dates. Moreover, it also reduces the manual record burden of the librarian.

Importance of library management system:

-A library management system is the most proficient and easy to use system for managing all the processes involved in a Library in the most effective ways.

-This system will reduce all the manual work and the whole process can be managed just through single clicks and edits.

-There will be no headache and doubtfulness of storing the data securely and searching the records of any individual afterward.

-Any book seeker can rent a book just by signing in with their details, and return it with the date of returning.

-The staff can also facilitate themselves with some extra authorizations and privileges.

-Only, one person is required to take care of the whole system, without any chances of mistakes.